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Here is a shortlist of some of the top tips for jobseekers I have gathered from all my social media interactions from November 2011. Pass ‘em along…

(1) Although still in beta, fill out your skills section on Linkedin. You will show up in more search results. Even if you have a small business, still fill out the section with your expertise. You will get found more often. Here’s the link: http://www.linkedin.com/skills/?trk=skills-global-nav 

(2) The resume is NOT dead! (by way of: @CornOnTheJob). Are you following him? Yeah, you should be!  Here’s the link: http://www.cornonthejob.com/career-advice/resumes-and-cover-letters/think-the-resume-is-dead-you’re-wrong/

(3) Great interview question to always ask: What does a successful employee look like in their first 90 days here? How will you know that you hired the right person? (by way of: #HFChat - HireFriday every Friday at Noon EST on Twitter).

(4) STOP asking fluffy, dating-like questions in interviews - both recruiters and interviewees. Ask questions about measurable performance. (by way of: @levyrecruits - yeah, you need to be following him on Twitter, too!)

Companies have a problem to solve and clear challenges they are facing in an open position. Ask what those problems are. Then demonstrate in your interview exactly how you can and have solved those problems in your career.

(5) Google+ is taking off! From US News & World Report… Here are twelve people you can add to your circles right now who post about career information, job hunting and resume tips! (by way of: @HeatherHuhman and @ComeRecommended). Here’s the link: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2011/12/02/job-seekers-who-to-add-to-your-google-circles Oh, yeah, I get an honorable mention. Shucks.

(6) Follow recruiters on Twitter! Here is @ResumeStrategy’s current Twitter list of over 400 recruiters you can add… and start engaging with today! http://twitter.com/#!/ResumeStrategy/recruiter-shop-talk

(7) While you are at it, Karen has an invaluable list of of 300 Twitter accounts who have identified themselves as job seekers! http://twitter.com/#!/ResumeStrategy/job-seekers

(8) A timely tip for looking for work during the Holidays. @ClarkHoward shares a great video tip about showing work ethic by STILL looking for a job right when you think the season slows job hunting down. It doesn’t! Hardcore recruiters will work right through December to fill positions. http://www.clarkhoward.com/videos/clark-howard/employment-military/a-timely-tip-for-job-hunters/vFPcw/

(9) I keep hearing it every month in every forum: DELETE the objective statement off your resume. Everyone knows your objective is to get an interview and a job. Delete it and free up that space on your resume to list more measurable accomplishments you have made over your career.

And, finally, use your network. Trite? Nope. I mean use them. Engage with them. What does that mean? On Twitter, start by ReTweeting the experts you follow and add a relevant reply when appropriate. On Linkedin, reply to posts in your groups you have joined, and read the Linkedin weekly update you get in your email. There you can comment on changes in your network and links that people in your industry have posted. And, if you are actively looking for work, add the word “SEEKING” or something similar in your profile title to increase your chance of showing up in recruiter search results.

Send me an invite to connect on Linkedin and let me know how I can help: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonleeoverbey 

Email: JLOverbey@gmail.com

Twitter: @HeyOverbey

Google+: http://gplus.to/HeyOverbey 

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