Jason Lee Overbey (HeyOverbey!)

Co-Founder and Chief Editor of ListMySocialMedia.com

I'm a former preacher turned businessman. Today, after 13 years in credit and collections, I work independently in the recruiting & candidate sourcing world. I source and profile top passive talent for our client's open positions.

I also consult on social media projects for clients ranging from corporations and non-profits to college students and job seekers. (facebook.com/HeyOverbey)

I am still a student of the spiritual pilgrimage and speak & write on the inner journey with an attempt to make it practical for the pragmatic mind of modernity.

I am also the silly host of @TweepViews. Check us out. Wanna be on the "show"? Follow @TweepViews and email TweepViews@gmail.com.

- Jason Lee Overbey

"My Life is My Message" (Ghandi)
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